Russian woman single from Kaliningrad

I think that we should value this life and enjoy every minute of it. I adore difference in everything and I try not to stop this difference in my life, but I am sure that extremes in everything are harmful.

Human being is the most precious creation of nature. We should remember about this. I am optimistic and I have great sense of humor. It is easier to laugh than to cry in the difficult situation. Laugh is the hardest weapon against all the troubles and depresses. I like sport – swimming, volleyball and even chess! The second interest is languages – I like feeling when you understand the situation and people in it. I am interested in psychology – I adore communicating with different interesting people, but how is it possible to be good interlocutor if you do not know the “secrets” of psychology? Books are excellent helpers of mine.


I am young that is why the dancing and cinema are not alien to me. Firstly optimistic and secondly extraordinary. I want to understand that this is a person I am looking for may be not from the first sight, but at least I want to be aware that he likes to spend time with me and I like it as well. Good sense of humor would not be obstacle, but very stable bridge between two of us – you and me.

Posted by Carlos M. Cameron